Architectural Films

Armolan Architectural films can be used on any glass surfaces of buildings. Be it windows of residential complexes or commercial complexes, Armolan architectural films suit all purposes. Armolan architectural films cater to wide range of customer requirements. Heat rejection, reduction in glare, privacy, safety and good looks, all these requirements can be met using a Armolan architectural film.

Residential Film

When it comes to insulating your home against heat and cold, windows pose a special challenge. In summer, ordinary glass lets the sun’s heat penetrate your home, making you and your family very uncomfortable and forcing your air conditioner to work harder. In winter, glass panes lose a substantial amount of your home’s heat.
Solar control window film applied to the interior of your windows is a translucent solar screen that can reduce up to 80% of the sun’s heat. In summer your home is cooler and more comfortable, so you can save on energy bills. In winter, some window films trap room heat for year -round comfort.armolan films

Commercial Film

Many building operators experience difficulties with heating and cooling imbalances between sunny and shaded areas of a building. Solar control window film minimizes this inequity problem and helps improve the comfort level while reducing energy use.
Peak load demand can make a substantial difference in a building’s electrical costs. Many utility companies base their rate structure for a building on the maximum peak load measurement. Solar control window film helps reduce that peak and thereby the total electrical bill.

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  1. Yufan

    I am interested in yourArchitectural Films, but not quite sure whether we should apply it inside of the glass or outside of the glass? and on which side will the performance be better?

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